Trader Joe’s

January 6, 2011

Every morning I pass what used to be the Delano’s Market IGA. It closed a few months ago, and I am strongly hoping that Trader Joe’s will jump at this opportunity to put a location in Mill Valley. While the location was clearly not a good one for an IGA, a shop like Trader Joe’s doesn’t need much publicity. People just come. Generally by the time I get to work or back home, I have forgotten my quest, and in up to my eyeballs in work. However, this morning as the copy machine ran my copies, I checked out the Trader Joe’s website to see how best to contact their corporate office.

Apparently I am not the only one that envisions a Trader Joe’s moving into their neighborhood, as right on the Trader Joe’s website is a form for Location Requests.  I quickly spelled out why this is one of the most desirable locations for a Trader Joe’s in all of California, if not the United States, and how it would build onto their client base, not simply take clients from other Trader Joe’s locations. It was a beautifully articulated argument. I am eager and waiting their response. Which they promise will arrive, even if it does take a while.


Could you see a new Trader Joe’s?


My 2011 Mission

January 6, 2011

As I was enjoying a relaxing, and work free break between Christmas and the New Year, I began thinking about the economy, the empty store fronts–with the vacant forlorn look and the single “For Lease” sign in the window, and the many up and coming and already established stores out there that are looking for new properties.

What if someone could take the time to network the two together? What if someone could do the leg work and promote different buildings for different businesses? A lot of what ifs started running through my brain, the last one being, what if no bothered to ever try this?

And that is how my 2011 New Year’s Resolution meets Mission came to be. Starting locally–which happens to be Mill Valley, CA, I am going to put my all in to finding new businesses for the empty store fronts that sprinkle our town.

Let the fun begin!